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About the CMS

  • A system for you to edit the content of your landing pages quickly & with ease.
  • Edit / Add / Remove text. Easily update prices.
  • Add new items / remove old items with repeatable / deletable sections.
  • Add / Remove photos.

If you are short on time we can take care of any edits you need.

Setting up the CMS

  • To make the CMS work we will need to have a current email address for each user. In the event of a lost password the user will need access to that email account. Sharing the same user account is not allowed.
  • All users must be employees of the registered business / company / organisation.
  • Note: The number of users allowed is a maximum of 3 per account and each user must login with their assigned email address.

Login / Logout Procedure

  • Once your CMS account has been activated always use this link to login:
  • The correct link is the last item at the foot of our main menu.
  • Never bookmark the actual link of the CMS start page. This link changes regularly for security reasons so you may find it will not work!
  • LOGOUT after each session. Doing so will help to keep your account secure.
  • Do not give anyone your login details.

Important Points

  • Easiest to use with a minimum screen width of 1024 pixels and a device with an external mouse.
  • Avoid hitting the enter & spacebar keys when not necessary such as double or multiple keyboard presses because in doing this you will insert a piece of code that will destroy the page format.
  • Always preview your work before publishing! If you don't you won't see any errors you may have made.
  • For security reasons we suggest you change your password on a regular basis - at least once a month.


  • To replace an image right click on the required image in the CMS and select 'Image Properties'.
  • Remove the dimensions when uploading new images - if you don't the image won't be responsive.
  • Acceptable formats: jpg / jpeg.
  • Best aspect ratio for horizontal screen viewing (landscape): 16:9.
  • Use the smallest image size possible to help decrease web page opening times.


  • As with photos remove the dimensions when uploading new images - if you don't the image won't be responsive.
  • Transparent svg is recommended.
  • Transparent png will also work but a min-width is 900px and will be resized automatically if put in the correct place in the web page.


  • HTML5 Videos are uploaded by us - the CMS has no HTML5 video upload support by design.
  • YouTube Videos can be added or removed with our CMS
  • Google recommends using a minimum size of 1280px × 720px.
  • All videos must not be set to autoplay and muting must be deactivated by the user. If you need help with this please ask.
  • Best aspect ratio: 16:9.
  • Best size for fullscreen: 1920px × 1080px.

If you need help please get in touch.

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