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JWBIZ Ltd Trading as JWBIZ.COM

T1 - Using the website JWBIZ.COM

T1.1 By your using this website you agree to be legally bound to the Terms of Use as outlined on this page.

T2 - Age Limit For Using This Site.

T2.1 - While the web pages of jwbiz.com contain absolutely no illegal content you may not use this website or purchase any product from it if you are under the age of 18.

T3 - Content On This Website

T3.1 - You may not download or copy any images or text from this website.

T3.2 - You may not hotlink (linking to an image on someone else's server) any image on this website. This could result in copyright violation and could leave you open to litigation.

Updates to our Terms

This page may be updated without notice and any changes can be found on this page.

Please check back from time to time.

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