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A Low Cost Landing Page System Designed To Save You Money

  • No compromise on quality or attention to detail!
  • Prices start at just £150 / year!
  • The landing pages are available as a subscription valid for 12 months (renewable)
  • Everything from this range is delivered as a complete working product - nothing for you to build - hosting included on one of our domains
  • Change the content as many times as you like with our CMS!
  • Use the free QRCode or the web link (URL) on digital locations such as Social Media

Example Below


  • Full Screen Top Image *
  • Item, Item Description & Prices in Categories
  • Automatic Item Numbering
  • Colour Scheme Choice
  • Location Map
  • QR Code
  • Use of our CMS **

* The top image must be 16:9 aspect ratio and must be able to be cropped to 1920x1080 pixels. The main focal point should be in the centre for the best display on small screen devices.

** It's very fast and easy to change, add or delete items as well as update prices.

Uses: with access from web links (URL's) and QR Codes

  • Food & Drinks Menus
  • Price Lists
  • Special Offers
  • Flash Sales
  • Newsletter Landing Pages
  • Events
  • vCards
  • Plus other possible uses!

Example Screenshots - Multi-Use Landing Pages

On the landing page the actual main container maximum width is 700 pixels.


Medical Tag Info Pages With QR Codes

First Responders in the medical profession are trained to look for medical tags.

If you wear a tag with a QR Code a Trained First Responder has instant access to any medical condition the wearer my have it could be a life saving situation.


  • Name, address & telephone number of tag wearer
  • Family doctor's name, address & telephone number
  • Your medical history
  • Allergies
  • Medication & dosage currently being taken
  • National Insurance No. (NINo)
  • Private Insurance Policy No. (if applicable)
  • First, second & third person to contact in case of emergency
  • Get your location co-ordinates
  • A QR Code is supplied with this product
  • The QR Code can be placed in a neckless, bracelet or locket
  • Easy updating information should any details need to be changed

Price: just £45.00 for a whole year!

Please note: we do not supply the necklace, bracelet or locket.

Example Screenshots - Medical Tag Info Pages With QR Codes

On the landing page the actual main container maximum width is 700 pixels.

Getting Started

  • Optional - Choose your colours
  • Optional - Find your Google Map Coordinates
  • Fill out and send the form

Colour Picker - 2 Colours

Click / tap the button below and in the next window click / tap a coloured box to bring up the colour picker controls.

Copy & paste the numbers into the relevant section into the order form below.

Google Maps - Find Coordinates

Using this tool

If you want the map marker to show over your building use this tool inside.
To get an accurate result please use a location enabled SMARTPHONE not a computer.
Copy & paste the numbers into the relevant section in the form below.

Initial cost is calculated by the total number of items you have after the first 50 plus £150.00 per year.

In our example each section under a main category is classed as an item and can have up to 100 words.

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