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The codes generated have a white background & black foreground.

If you need to generate different colours or need a particular size let us know and we will make a custom generator for you!

How to make your QR Code

Any Website, Blog, Social Media, App...

Use the complete web address.

Type or paste it into our QR Code Generator and test it before printing.

Example: but replace with the one you want to use.

Major Benefit: A Dynamic QR Code will point to a web page meaning the content of that web page can easily be changed.

Change the sections in red bold text for your own case-sensitive credentials.

Copy and paste the one you want into a document. Take care not to remove any of the : or ; characters or it won't work.

When you have made the changes copy and paste into our QR Code Generator and test it.


If your Connection Security Type is WPA2 or WPA3 do include the digit - just use WPA as detailed below.




Tip: There is no real need to print on paper - just keep the code in your phone and others can scan it to join your network from there.

You can make a Static QR Code for many uses.

However once you have printed it or used it on the web you will never be able to change the content it points to.

For example you could make a vCard but if you ever had to change details such as your address or phone number it would be nothing other than totally useless!

Best is always use Dynamic QR Codes that can have the content they point to very easily updated.

A QR code minimum size should be 2.2 cm so that modern devices can decode them. For business cards try 76px x 76px but measure them first.

Centimetres Pixels
1 cm 37.795275591 px
2 cm 75.590551181 px
3 cm 113.38582677 px
4 cm 151.18110236 px
5 cm 188.97637795 px
6 cm 226.77165354 px
7 cm 264.56692913 px
8 cm 302.36220472 px
9 cm 340.15748031 px
10 cm 377.95275591 px
11 cm 415.7480315 px
12 cm 453.54330709 px
13 cm 491.33858268 px
14 cm 529.13385827 px
15 cm 566.92913386 px
16 cm 604.72440945 px
17 cm 642.51968504 px
18 cm 680.31496063 px
19 cm 718.11023622 px
20 cm 755.90551181 px
21 cm 793.7007874 px
22 cm 831.49606299 px
23 cm 869.29133858 px
24 cm 907.08661417 px
25 cm 944.88188976 px
26 cm 982.67716535 px
27 cm 1020.4724409 px
28 cm 1058.2677165 px
29 cm 1096.0629921 px
30 cm 1133.8582677 px

Inches (96 DPI) Pixels
1 inch 96px
1.5 inches 144px
2 inches 192px
2.5 inches 240px
4 inches 384px
4.5 inches 432px
5 inches 480px
5.5 inches 528px
6 inches 576px
6.5 inches 624px
7 inches 672px
7.5 inches 720px
8 inches 768px
8.5 inches 816px
9 inches 864px
9.5 inches 912px
10 inches 960px
10.5 inches 1008px

PNG - Portable Network Graphics

Best for Web Use & Home and Office Printing

Sizes can be reduced but not expanded without pixelisation

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

Best for Large QR Codes & Printing Shops

Sizes can be reduced and expanded without pixelisation

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