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How To Use Our Landing Pages

QR Codes for marketing strategies

The Web Links (URL)

When a landing page is made it is published on a web server and is accessed by a URL from a web browser.

  • Newsletter Landing Pages
  • Send by email
  • Social media accounts - Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter etc
  • Blogs
  • Websites - The best solution for uses such as flash sales and events when you don't want to interfere with your website structure by adding a temporary page

QR Codes

The QR Codes we produce are dynamic which mean they point to a landing page published on the Internet. They are essentially web pages meaning the content can easily be changed or edited at any time. The content from Static QR Code cannot be changed once it has been made.

  • Inside your premises at any high observation location
  • Checkout counters or near a till
  • For the Food & Drinks Industry: on restaurant / cafe tables, bar tops, on takeaway notice boards
  • Shop and office windows & doors
  • Business cards - on the front if there is space - if not on the back
  • Office stationary, invoices & receipts
  • Flyers, Posters, Notice Boards & Billboards
  • Coupons
  • Packaging
  • Merchandise
  • Places where people have to queue or wait such as Bus Stops, Train Stations & Taxi Ranks
  • Email footers

Popular Uses of Landing Pages

All Sales Landing Pages have the option of purchasing directly - Merchant Bank such as Stripe or PayPal required.

  • Email Newsletters
  • Food & Drinks Menus For Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, General Accommodation, Takeaways, Deliveries...
  • Price Lists for Products & Services
  • Special Offers / Flash Sales
  • Events: Corporate & Charity
  • Customer Feedback: Surveys & Questionnaires
  • vCards With A Difference!
  • General Advertising

Anything you want really - the potential is massive!

Do I need a website to have a Landing Page?

Quite simply the answer is no!

Their purpose is to convert your products and services into sales.

They are far better at sales conversions than a website. Ideally a sales landing page would offer just one product to keep your potential customer focused on it without an array of distracting menu links.

You can also aim at different groups of people, such as age, and reach out to people in different locations.

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